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Michael Koors is a fashionista, his handbags are worn bythe who`s who of Hollywood. Recently his shoe line has found that many of his older clientelle has had issues with their hips. As Michael Koors audience grows older so do the ailments that come with an increasing age. After Michael read some articles on bad hips and the and other hip lawsuits that have devistated his clientele. Michael has decided to assist them with custom shoes that should help their ailments.

New hips and new knees are just part of getting older these days, the issues are that they are man made and so far man has not gotten them right so far. It takes someone like Michael Koors to shine a light on a subject like this. If more celebrities took a proactive approach it may help inform the general public. He is also looking at the impact of the Risperdal Lawsuit.



Michael Kors is one of the top American fashion designers. Kors studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and came on the fashion scene in 1981 at the age of 19, when he introduced a women’s clothing line at some of the top retail stores in Manhattan, including Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Nieman Marcus and the like.   Michael’s designs were fresh and young, and became readily accepted in the fashion industry

In 1997, Michael Kors partnered with a French fashion label, Celine, and created handbags and shoes that not only brought accolades to Celine, but recognized Michael as an outstanding creative talent.   He continued his relationship with Celine for 6 years before pursuing his own line in 2003.

His line includes womenswear, menswear, fragrances, handbags and shoes.   Kors and Michael Kors labels have become iconic fashion musts for celebrities worldwide, including Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez.

Michael Kors handbag line addresses all occasions, and the handbags range from shoulder strap bags to clutch purses.  The line is simple but elegant and is appreciated by women of all ages.  You can find Kors handbags in all of the upscale retail stores, including Macy’s and Bloomingdales.   In addition, you can purchase Michael Kors handbags directly online. There is a sale section online where you can save considerable money on selected bags.  Another option to save money is to buy replica handbags, also known as knock off handbags.  Michael Kors knock off handbags are purchased by price conscious consumers who have an eye for fashion.

Michael Kors handbags are now some of the most implementation sought after handbags in the world.  You can purchase Kors handbags online and spend hundreds of dollars on one single handbag; or you can buy an exquisite replica that may not quite match the craftsmanship of an original Michael Kors, but only costs a fraction of an original and still speaks volumes about your taste in handbags.  Knock off handbags may not have the quality found in an original Kors handbag, but are an acceptable alternative for many.

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Michael Kors is a large proponent of women`s rights and medical issues, the upcoming Risperdal Settlement that caused many women type 2 diabetes is among there recent causes.